Self Respect

This bothers me. Stop equating self respect with chastity. Self respect has nothing to do with sex or nudity. Self respect is pride and confidence in oneself, following your own beliefs. If, for you, that means chastity, good for you. If it doesn't, good for you. But they are not the same thing. 

Do you remember that scene in 17 Again, when Zac Efron encourages the girls in his sex ed to respect themselves and stay virgins? Or in It's a Boy Girl Thing, where the "slut" gets what she deserves for not wearing panties when her dress rips off, and he ends up with the more "respectable" prude? Our culture draws a strong connection between chastity and self-respect. But puritanism died in the early 1700s.  I wish they had taken their ideas with them. 

It's your body. You can show as much of it, or as little of it as you want, without being a slut or a prude. Self respect is attractive. So is nudity. So is someone who respects themselves and is also nude. So is someone who respects themselves and is not nude. I don't stop respecting myself when I show myself to a partner. My self respect comes from my confidence and sticking to my own values. 

Take pride in yourself. Don't compromise your values, regardless of what they are.

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