Are You My Tinderella? (Part 2)

Alright, Tinder has yet to stop being fun. Being in a different state means a ton of new matches. I want to bring all of these guys home to meet my parents, or at least share them with all of you.

Let's look at my new potential partners. 
Recently dumped by LaFawnduh 

One word. Yum.

I feel like this guy would be really into anal.

 And can we talk about these pick up lines? These are solid gold. Marry me, all of you. 

If Tinder is good for anything, it's feeding the delusion that I can cause random Tinder boys to believe in love at first sight. For about two minutes.

In a much more interesting turn of events, Tinder has spat back a number of interesting people worth continuing to talk to, which means, of course, I will continue to blog.

No words.

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