OK Glass, Let's Get it On

Alright, so technically, the command is "OK Glass, it's time", but that would've made for a rather vague title, don't you think? The soon to be launched app Glance for Google Glass is meant to be used during sex. (The link also works if you just try to go to GlassAndSex.com. Classy, right?)

Google has a pretty strong anti-porn, anti-nudity, and anti-profanity stance regarding Glass. The safe-search controls are a lot stricter, and if you try to curse, it cleans it up with little asterisks. That's not unheard of with dictation features, but with Glass, there's no way to turn off the censor. So, understandably, porn isn't too welcome. Because sometimes there's nudity. And profanity.

"What the f*** are you doing, Glass?"
Even though you can't watch porn with Google Glass, with the app Glance, the point is to create your own porn. Yeah, sorry, it doesn't provide sex for you. You and your partner both wear Google Glass while getting it on, and record each other, and it'll stream to you what your partner sees, so you can see yourself having sex. Honestly, I can't imagine that would be sexy, it'd probably just make me feel self conscious. Suck in my tummy a bit. Critique my O face. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else? Back me up here, guys.

With and without Google Glass. (credit here)

James Deen imagined what this all might look like, and the (hilarious) video is here. It's technically nsfw, but there's no real nudity. All thanks to adult app company MiKandi.

I took a screenshot for you. It reminds me of a Skype call. 
Google Glass is super helpful, so if you don't know what to do during sexy time, just say, "OK Glass, give me ideas". You can sync it to suggest positions from the Karma Sutra, or to adjust lighting and music. You can choose to save your recording after you watch it, otherwise, it disappears after five hours. Supposedly. Unless you save it yourself. Or it gets into the cloud somehow.

What worries me is the control that Google would, or wouldn't have, over video shot with Google Glass. What if someone chooses to save and share a video shot with Glance? Does Google get any say in how its company or products are being represented or used? Remember when a man used the "Playroom" feature on his PlayStation 4 to live-stream his drunk wife as he stripped her?

The app is available for iPhone for free right now, and soon to be launched for Glass. I downloaded it for my phone (blog research, I swear), and it's pretty useless. I can't sync with anyone (that's the app's problem, not mine), so the only thing I can do is record two separate videos and watch them side by side. Which is, ok? I guess? Kinda pointless? Ok, really pointless?

Once it actually comes out, if you do try it with Google Glass and a lover, when you're done, all you have to say is "OK Glass, pull out." Stay classy, Glass. 

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