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Alright, so I tweet fairly often, and I generally just goof around on it. Usually I choose nonsense avatars because I think it's hilarious to imagine my nonsense tweets coming out of their mouths.

My latest and greatest
Anyway, a little bit ago, I tweeted this picture.

I found it while I was browsing on Imgur this morning, and I felt like it summed up my feelings on the whole #WomenAgainstFeminism thing (which I have written about before). Misandry is the hatred of men (the opposite of misogyny). A misandrist is the type of person pictured, the type of person that #WomenAgainstFeminism is attacking, a person that hates all men and tries to paint the entire gender as evil. That's not what a feminist is. 

The problem isn't that feminists hate men (they don't). The problem is how many misandrists have confused their movement with feminism, who have declared that feminism means men are evil (they're not).

Anyway, that tweet got a lot more attention than I meant it to, and things got a little crazy. I got a handful of replies and private messages from a mix of people who either thought I was:

  1. An anti-feminist, and told me it was therefore my job to hunt down feminist nazis and "burn them at the stake"
  2. A feminist, and told me they were laughing at me, or that I should burn myself. 

Anyway, I tried to tweet again to try to clear things up.

Let's be clear here (unlike the grammar of that tweet, yuck). That's not what feminism is.  I believe it's wrong to portray an entire movement or gender as evil or pedophilic. I will never defend rape, regardless of the gender of either party.

I'm a feminist because I believe in equality. For everyone. Equally. And I think muhfeelz is an asshole because they have an entire twitter dedicated to accusing women of supporting female rapists, not because of their gender (which, come to think of it, I don't even know).

Anyway, everyone was quickly blocked and muted (so forgive the lack of more screenshots because apparently when you do that, everything disappears), but I didn't want to pretend this didn't happen. Because it did. "Feminist" is still a bad word, and apparently, justifies wanting to burn someone. And that's a problem.

My twitter is not an outrightly feminist twitter, and wasn't the place to start a flame war. Nobody should ever be telling anyone else to burn each other.  Just be decent to each other. And let me go back to tweeting nonsense.

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