SkyMall Shopping

What is SkyMall's target market? Seriously, I've never been able to figure it out.  They seem to be aiming at the very small cross section of people that fly commercial but have three thousand dollars to blow on a Bigfoot lawn ornament. Either way, it's the shit, and it's how I spent an hour of my flight today.

However, casual sexism creeps in everywhere, especially in advertisements. I decided to rank some of the products based on how many people should have been fired for designing their respective ads. My seatmate didn't judge me too hard when I took out my phone to take pictures of the catalogue, so let's get started, from best to worst.

1. Rugged Animal Shot Glasses ($19.99)

This is just cool as shit and I want it.

2. Assorted Spandex

It's a shallow product, but I was surprised to see an equal ratio of female/male options available.

I don't want to overlook the "Padded Butt Enhancer". That's new. And special. And only $35.00.

3. EPIC Airbrush Makeup System ($399.00)

"Blur away your imperfections"? There aren't any men in this catalogue with imperfections. Ads tend to target women by convincing them they're not good enough. Also, who the fudge can afford makeup like this. Bad move, advertising people.

4. e-RACE Screen Protector ($19.99 - $29.99)

The screen protector is more resistant to makeup/fingerprints/smudges what have you, which is cool, I guess. But apparently, girls only care about makeup and talking on the phone, while boys are smart. Also, I've never gotten low test scores because of a dirty screen protector, but maybe that's just me?

5. Compact Vibration Trainer ($299.95)

Bear with me for a second. Either she has really weird shoulder-blades, a weirdly padded sports bra, or they've photoshopped her to make her waist/lower ribcage thinner and forgot about her shoulder blades. That last one seems the most likely.

6. Mademoiselle Floor Lamp ($549.00)

This is literally just a female body. As a lamp. Without a head. With "accentuated curves". Referred to as "her". Weird, man.

(If you actually love that lamp but want a male option as well, I found a designer who can make your dreams come true here).

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