Satisfyer Toy Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent some toys by Satisfyer to try out and review. Included was the Satisfyer 2, the Satisfyer Pro 2, and the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. All of the Satisfyer models use "vacuum technology"; a detachable silicone tip that suctions against your clitoris and then makes little pulses that create suction. It sounded too weird to resist; I had to try them as soon as I possibly could.

the detachable head of the Pro 2

Let's start with some general points. These toys are really nice and all made of body safe materials; silicone and ABS (a body safe and nonporous hard plastic). Second, they're all really easy to clean. The silicone head (the part that actually touches your body) pops on and off, so you can wash it separately. You can easily clean the inside of the main body with a q-tip. They're also all waterproof and can be used completely underwater.

vaccuum detail on the Penguin

The vacuum suction thing sounds crazy, but it works. It's really effective; the sensation is direct and strong (and each toy allows you to vary the strength). However, finding the right position can be difficult, and if it slips, you have to pause and find it again. The instructions suggest using a water-based lube as well. I didn't find that to make a huge difference in how it felt, but I'm not a fan of overly slick sensations anyway.

The vacuum mechanic does make a bit of a buzz, so these aren't the best if you're trying to use them in a dorm room or somewhere silent. Each toy is also described as providing "touch-free massage", and while the Satisfyers definitely take the finger work out of masturbation, it's still on a hands-on task. Like I said earlier, if you move the head around, you miss out on the sensation, so you have to hold it there. The toys are incredibly well designed for being held against your clitoris, but you can't just let go- they won't stay up or suctioned on their own.

1. Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Penguin is adorable and is really easy to hold onto. The body (unlike the other two) has a silicone coating, which makes it a little harder to clean, but it feels really luxurious.

I've only used battery powered toys before, so I was a little skeptical of rechargeable toys, but the Penguin can hold its own. It comes with a USB charger with a magnetic end that just sticks to the end of the toy. It holds a charge remarkably well, and doesn't need to be charged often.

There's actually two buttons on this. a small power button and a larger speed button. With all the toys, you have to hold the on/off button for about two seconds to turn it off, which is honestly a little frustrating. The placement of the buttons on the Penguin are incredibly ergonomic, they sit right under your fingers when you're using it. Let's talk about the speed button for a second though. There's 11 speed settings, and every time you press the button it increases in intensity until you reach the max. Then it starts to decrease. For me, this was frustrating; I repeatedly went past the max by accident and had to cycle through all the 11 levels going back down, and then again back up.

My other issue with the Penguin was how thin the silicone head was. Even though most of your clitoris is inside the hollow, there's not a lot of cushion for the area around it. However, if you like more intense, direct sensations, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

2. Satisfyer 2

This one feels a little lighter than the other two, and that, combined with the sharper design, made it feel a little less ergonomic and a little harder to keep positioned. The Satisfyer 2 is also the only battery powered one of the three, which means that it doesn't have a "charging" or "on" light like the other two, which is nice at night when everything is dark.

This is the only toy that has separate "speed up" and "slow down" buttons, which solves the cycling problem I mentioned with the Penguin; you can max it out without having to count to 11! It also has a thicker head, which makes the vibrations a little more comfortable as well.

3. Satisfyer Pro 2

I saved the best for last. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is about the same size as the Satisfyer 2, but it's a lot rounder and easier to hold. Like the Penguin, it's rechargeable and (unfortunately), only has one speed button to cycle through the 11 intensities.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a really round fat head, which makes the sensations a little more rumbly at lower speed settings and more spread out at higher ones. Again, preferences on sensation vary from person to person, but this one is definitely my favorite. I can use it for a slow build or a quick fix; it always feels amazing.

Overall, these toys rock. They're fun and safe and offer an incredible variety of sensations. They've earned their place in my drawer, and I'd recommend them without hesitation. They sit at a reasonable price point too, (you can expect to pay around $50 for the Satisfyer 2), which makes it a great stepping stone between "starter vibe" (a Doc Johnson pocket rocket is around $20) and serious luxury vibe (Lelo's vibes are around $150). The Satisfyer line definitely lives up to its name.


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